Magnum Opus

As this superb album confirms, Kansas is a band that refuses to rest on its laurels. It represents a bold and confident statement of intent, the classic sound is back delivered with passion and renewed vigour.


Southern Man

Watching from the wings, Outlaw’s manager Charlie Brusco is flanked by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who give each other approving nods as the Florida band rips through its set. Richards, with his trademark Jack Sparrow drawl, turns to Brusco and proclaims, “These boys can play.” A seal of approval from rock aristocracy.

Soul’s Shining Light

2015 was a momentous year for soul sensation Lynne Jackaman that saw her release a critically acclaimed four track EP, No Halo, attracting fulsome praise from fans and critics alike. In between studio… Continue reading

Soul Queen

Lynne Jackaman was 10 when she proclaimed to her school teacher, “I want to sing!” Since that moment, music has remained a constant and inseparable companion on her journey through life. “I can… Continue reading

Sweet Home Caledonia

Here is my article that appeared in the Sunday Herald a couple of days before Skynyrd played in Glasgow on April 22. It’s based on my interview with Skynyrd guitarist, Rickey Medlocke. Hope you enjoy it. Rickey… Continue reading

Rising Starr

Sitting on a tour bus parked on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh’s historic Old Town, Blackberry Smoke wordsmith Charlie Starr, resplendent in his trademark sideburns, is in reflective mood. Ahead of the band’s… Continue reading

Spreadin’ the Smoke

Years spent honing their act on the road across America has paid dividends. Mere words cannot describe how tight this band sounds.