Bonamassa Shines in The Big Apple

Live albums are a bit like Marmite, some people like them and some don’t. Personally I like a good live album and the latest offering from Joe Bonamassa is as good as it gets.


Paradise Rocks

It exemplifies the generous spirit of the people who populate this Gaelic-speaking island. Visitors can be assured of three things: a welcoming hand of friendship from the locals, great music and great craic.

No Ordinary Joe

Over the next two hours he serves up a sumptuous feast, seducing the audience with flawless guitar playing delivered with passion and panache.

Smoke Alarm

As the magnificent Blackberry Smoke prepares to embark on their latest UK tour, I wanted to share this excellent article about the band that features an interview with Charlie Starr. It was written… Continue reading

Fame Game

“For London-based soul singer Lynne Jackaman Muscle Shoals represents the Promised Land. She is about to begin a journey that she has been planning all her adult life, a pilgrimage to her musical Mecca.”

Gospel According to Abraham

“They were just an exceptional band and exceptional people. They’d give their right arm for you. Leon and Billy are gone, that’s really difficult for me to accept. They were absolutely the salt of the earth.”

Flower of Scotland

“The fact that I got the crowd clapping and singing was just superb. It was like a homecoming. I love playing in Scotland.”

Solo flight

“I haven’t played in Glasgow with Jackaman. I have a fondness for Glasgow though – I’ve been there a few times. I just think that my fans from Scotland and Ireland especially are very loyal. I can’t wait to get there.”

European Outlaws

We were feeling an enormous sense of accomplishment and luckily for us the audiences liked the band well enough. We were able to turn in a performance early in the day that was memorable and respectable and we didn’t get booed or disrespected! We played hard and won over the audiences.

Touch of class

I love ‘Truth Be Told’. It’s a fireball of energy. Catchy guitar riffs with a solid backbone of bass and drums. Lead singer Steve Westwood, sporting a Salvador Dali-style mustache, blows the doors off with his hollers and howls. ‘One More Night’ and ‘99%’ are electrifying. Pour a large Jack Daniels and let these impressive tunes wash over you.