Remembering Ed King

His distinctive guitar playing helped define the Skynyrd sound and Ronnie Van Zant held him in high esteem, of that there is no question.


Skynyrd superfan

Former Lynyrd Skynyrd road manager, Paul Abraham, published a book last year about his time working for the band. I wrote a foreword for it. Here’s an article about my involvement in the book,… Continue reading

Dancing in the Isles

Festival goers are assured of a warm Hebridean welcome. The community prides itself in extending the hand of friendship to visitors, making them feel at home, making sure they have a good time.

Gael Force

The band is tight as a drum, you will not stand still listening to these gems, I can assure you.

Endangered Species

Pictures from a band photo session around the time of Endangered Species, Skynyrd’s all acoustic LP released in 1994.

King of Dixie

It’s a nod to a positive attitude, play where you can for whoever you can. You don’t pay attention to the empty seats; you pay attention to the ones that are full.

Climbing To The Summit

They merge traditional and contemporary tunes into an intoxicating musical cocktail.

Muscle Power

I’m on fire at the moment. I’m growing my team, going from strength to strength. For me, it really is all about the music.

Belle of the Ball

Fish has a captivating stage presence, boundless energy and an expanding songbook that, on this performance, is guaranteed to attract new fans.

King of the Blues

Musical maestro is a term not to be bandied about but as his current nationwide tour demonstrates this quiet spoken octogenarian comes alive behind his keyboards.