Foot Soldiers

At the end of the tour, Ronnie presented the Kimono to his limo driver, a man called Peter. He gave it to him as an expression of heartfelt thanks for being ferried around London.


Perfect Ten

Please note: These songs are not in any order of preference. They represent the ten most influential songs in my music career. RVZ.

London Calling

It was only when we got to tour with them that I saw the effect it had on audiences, and how blistering they were, they were just a phenomenal band.

Alabama A Sweet Home for Jackaman

I’m taking it all in, it was a very emotional trip. It was absolutely amazing, it exceeded all my expectations. The magic of the place, the musicians, the people who I met out there. One of the best decisions that I have made.

Honest Man

His full range vocals and faultless guitar were a treat, but the humour with which he interspersed the set with made it a very intimate and friendly gig.

Skynyrd: By Royal Appointment

The band was not excited by the prospect of having their photo taken on a chilly English January morning.

Mission Accomplished

Beautifully crafted pop ballads and big hard rock riffs burst from the speakers like stars colliding in the cosmos.

On The Right Track

Blues maestro Joe Bonamassa has released his official video clip of him performing ‘This Train’.

Centre Stage

Mollie’s live performances exude a warm, charming rapport with her audience. Her sassy soulful blues vocals are full of classic influences.


The sound is big, the riffs are humongous. His guitar playing is inventive and explosive while his vocals hit the spot every time.