Pomp and Glory

Many years on the road has obviously worked its magic. Kansas in full flow is a joy to behold, pomp and glory aplenty. Over these 19 tracks, the band is in sparkling form. It is a polished and incredibly tight performance.


Mississippi Kid

This memoir provides a ringside seat, it is an intriguing glimpse into Skynyrd’s world. The book offers up more explosive revelations than a Donald Trump press conference.

Gospel Truth

Paul explains how he mounted the wild bronco that was Lynyrd Skynyrd and stayed in the saddle for 10 years. It’s packed with on-the-road stories.

Flower Power

“Thunder Child” is the band’s new single and it packs a hefty punch. Thunderous it certainly is, the heavy blues riffs spark from Leighton’s guitar.

Songs Of Praise For A Holy Communion

After disbanding in 2013 Black Country Communion are back with what is arguably their best work yet.

Rise Of The Kings

Here is an album that makes you want to turn up the volume and annoy the neighbours, in a good way!

Stick Man

It used to blow my mind to be playing Lynyrd Skynyrd music and look up and see Carlos Santana. It did go through my mind that I was doing something that was very special.

Spice Girl

I want people to walk in there and feel as if they came to Muscle Shoals with me. It’s going to be more like a stepping-into-my-room vibe.

Leader Of The Pack

‘Truth Is A Wolf ‘ is an album that resonates with a sprinkling of Nashville, soulful and rock sounds.

Raising The Heat

This is an album that is bright and fresh, and in some places a little country feel to it.