Stick Man

It used to blow my mind to be playing Lynyrd Skynyrd music and look up and see Carlos Santana. It did go through my mind that I was doing something that was very special.


Spice Girl

I want people to walk in there and feel as if they came to Muscle Shoals with me. It’s going to be more like a stepping-into-my-room vibe.

Leader Of The Pack

‘Truth Is A Wolf ‘ is an album that resonates with a sprinkling of Nashville, soulful and rock sounds.

Raising The Heat

This is an album that is bright and fresh, and in some places a little country feel to it.

Edinburgh Torched By Gerry’s Fire

The evening starts gently with an duet between guitar and the harmonica of Pete Narojczyk before ripping into an energetic and refreshing blues rock set for the next 90 minutes.

Love Island

A dedicated group of volunteers pulled out all the stops and delivered a fun packed, family-friendly festival that the whole community can be proud of.

Piano Man

I am so, so thankful that in this big world we shared it with each other. I hit the lottery with that heart of his.

Cover Story

I didn’t realise at the time what a fortunate position I was in to have that job.

Blues Master

We’ve stepped up the quality of song writing and pushed ourselves physically in both performance and delivery!

Lynyrd Who?

The band’s name was incorrectly spelt ‘Lynyryd Skynyryd’. The photo used on the front of the programme also showed Allen and Gary as left handed guitar players.