Edinburgh Torched By Gerry’s Fire


We are sat in a miniaturised circus tent at the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival to see the “best band you have never heard of”. This is not quite true, Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band has a growing reputation and, as I was about to discover, an eager and loyal fan base.

The evening starts gently with an duet between guitar and the harmonica of Pete Narojczyk before ripping into an energetic and refreshing blues rock set for the next 90 minutes.

This is a tight four piece with a lot of communication going on, not only within the band but between the band and the audience, the result is that everyone makes sure everyone else is having a good time.

There is a solid foundation of the music in blues, but the band are not afraid to bring other influences in to make the music fresh and alive. Gerry’s guitar playing is creative using techniques to fill the room that many bands use two guitars for.

The rhythm section of Lewis Fraser, who steps up to the mic for a bit of vocal work too, and Grigor Leslie are tight, providing a solid backing for Gerry and Peter to play off, not just musically, but visually, moving around and getting close to their audience, much to the latter’s delight.

The time flies by and we are into the encore that has everyone on their feet, not that people had not been up dancing along already. The band thanking the audience and Gerry shaking as many hands as he can, a gesture that was heartfelt. This band is close to their fans and vice versa. See them if you can!

The Gerry Jablonski Band are:

Gerry Jablonski – guitar and vocals

Pete Narojczyk – harmonica

Grigor Leslie – bass

Lewis Fraser – drums and vocals

Review by Sean Conlon

Photos courtesy of Gerry Jablonski Band Facebook page