Alabama A Sweet Home for Jackaman

Lynne Jackaman recently returned from Muscle Shoals, Alabama where she spent four weeks at Fame Studio recording tracks for her, as yet untitled, debut LP. By her own admission, the experience has left a lasting impression on the young London-based soul star:

“I’m taking it all in, it was a very emotional trip. It was absolutely amazing, it exceeded all my expectations. The magic of the place, the musicians, the people who I met out there. One of the best decisions that I have made.

Above: Jackaman at Fame Studio.

“I had ridiculously special moments. There was a song I wrote about Adam (Adam Greene – former St Jude guitarist who passed away in 2012) called Beautiful Loss. I got to cut that live with Spooner Oldham on the Wurly that he played and wrote the beginning of Aretha Franklin’s ‘I Never Loved A Man’ on.

“The great thing about all the musicians that played was that they came and really gave it themselves, it didn’t feel like anyone was sessioning. The music came first, that’s the main thing.”

Jackaman revealed that 13 songs were “contenders” for the LP, but that number was whittled down to 11. At the helm was producer, Jamie Evans. Jackaman met him last year and as she explains, from that first moment, she realised they were destined to work together:

“I went out there with a fantastic young producer called Jamie Evans and he played most of the bass and guitar on the album. I met him around September last year. We really clicked.  Since losing Adam, he’s the first person that I have met that is a real musical soul mate. I didn’t know how or know when, but I just knew we were going to work together.”

Although recording took place within the hallowed walls of Fame Studio, Jackaman was at pains not to wallow in the past. The new LP will have a contemporary edge:

“We wanted to get the feel of the place and the magic of the place and get local musicians, but we also wanted to make it 2017 album. We didn’t just want to go and make an old record.”

Above: Jackaman at Fame Studio recording one of her new tracks.

In March, Jackaman launched a Pledge Music campaign to help bankroll the enterprise. The initial target was smashed, but to help pay for album mixing, the fundraising drive continues. The plan is to mix the LP in the US. Jackaman is taking stock and weighing up various options before she decides which person will be charged with mixing the album:

“The record is done bar mixing. I want to get it mixed out there, it was made out there and the people out there ‘get’ the music. There are a couple of people I met out there that are contenders so what I will be doing now is concentrating on that. The more money I continue to raise the more I can put towards mixing.”

One of the main Pledge Music goodies up for grabs is the chance to hear Jackaman perform a full album playback. The concert will take place on 14 September at The Spice Of Life, Soho, London. Find out more and secure a ticket on the official Pledge Music page here

Visit the Lynne Jackaman website here

Photos by Raymond Clayton Thomas.