Touch of class

Formed by a bunch of college pals in 2010, Norfolk’s Bad Touch paid their dues by working the pub circuit performing covers of rock classics. Since 2012, the band has concentrated on composing original material. That year, they released their first EP.

In the intervening years, the band has built a steady following and secured support slots with the Quireboys, The Answer and recently, the Kentucky Headhunters. Bad Touch has also graced major festival stages including Download, Legends of Rock and Hard Rock Hell, which has helped cement the band’s reputation.

Bad Touch release their second studio album ‘Truth Be Told’ on December 2. Pre-order from Amazon. It was recorded at Mwnci Studios in Wales. Former Rolling Stones engineer and co-producer, Chris Kimsey. remixed a couple of songs for radio. He said: “99% is a great song to ride around in cars and drink beer and smoke pot and listen to rock and roll on the radio.”

“Not that I drink beer or smoke pot, but I remember the simplicity of music and life so it’s good to hear it is alive and kicking with Bad Touch. I heard something that evoked a good time melodic love song. It just needed some re-arranging and mixing to get to the heart of the song.”


I love ‘Truth Be Told’. It’s a fireball of energy. Catchy guitar riffs with a solid backbone of bass and drums. Lead singer Steve Westwood, sporting a Salvador Dali-style mustache, blows the doors off with his hollers and howls. ‘One More Night’ and ‘99%’ are electrifying. Pour a large Jack Daniels and let these impressive tunes wash over you.

There’s no question about the underlying Southern rock vibe – the Black Crowes influences are apparent. There are also shades of Blackberry Smoke and another great band from back in the day, North Carolina natives, Cry of Love (seek out their highly impressive debut, ‘Brother’, released in 1993).

Bad Touch hit the road on a UK co-headline tour on November 19 with the Australian rock band Massive. Stevie Westwood said: “We’re really excited about getting back on the road and co-headlining with Massive. It’s going to be a great tour full of high energy.”

Photo Credit: © Rob Blackham