Road test

Speaking to Lynne Jackaman there is no mistaking the excitement she feels about the next few months as she enters, arguably, the most important period of her professional life as a performer.

Her backstory makes for impressive reading. In 2015, ‘No Halo’, her debut EP, showcased her love for soul, funk and blues. It was an astonishing, intensely personal collection of songs. She opened her aching heart and let her feelings, a visceral ode to a lost love, spill out. Her recording output was well received and she wooed crowds in London with acclaimed shows at the Barfly and Borderline.lynne

This summer, Jackaman graced the stage at high-profile summer festivals in London: a slot supporting Simply Red at Kew Gardens and the inaugural Stone Free Festival at the O2 rubbing shoulders with Alice Cooper, Blackberry Smoke and The Darkness. This was a step up for the singer, exposing her to larger audiences and as Jackaman pointed out, nothing beats the buzz of performing on a big festival stage:

lynne-3“I played a new festival called Stone Free which started this year at the O2 and that was brilliant. I got to hang out, there was a great vibe backstage and I met lots of new people.

“Me personally, I like being on the big stages, I get a real kick out off it. When I was invited to open for Simply Red at Kew Gardens that was phenomenal.”

Next month she spreads her wings and takes flight across the UK with ten dates confirmed as special guest on The Answer and Dead Daisies November co-headlining tour.

It’s an opportunity to air tracks from ‘No Halo’ and to road test new material in a set-list that she promises will be “raw and stripped-back.” During a break from tour rehearsals, she shed light on what fans can expect:

“It’s allowing me to experiment using the power of songs. It’s me learning about my instrument, which is my voice, continually. Although I love having a full band behind me, I also love the exposure, the pressure and the intimacy of singing completely stripped back.”

Jackaman is excited about treading the boards in cities such as Glasgow(already sold out) and Aberdeen:

“It will be a stripped back version of the EP and preview material set to be my next release, so it’s going to be a great blend of stuff.

“It will be very soulful, very gospel, very raw and it will very me, because that’s where my influences are and that’s where I start every song. You’ll hear more of it in the next few singles, I’ll be incorporating more of my soul, R&B influences.

On this short tour there is no backing band, just her and guitarist Danny Page. But Jackaman is not daunted by the task at hand:

“How much can we do with so little. Not only does that excite me and challenge me vocally, but also, I think, it will be a wonderful contrast to the full crank-it-up-to-eleven of The Answer and Dead Daisies.”


There is no doubting Jackaman’s cast-iron determination to succeed. She is no shrinking violet.  Thus far, she has tested the waters, planted the seeds and now, this fledgling trek across the UK presents an opportunity to further elevate her standing with music fans across the country.

Now is her time, the moment where she can shine That may mean more tours, but road life is appealing too, the chance to ply her trade, to spread the gospel according to Jackaman:

“I plan to be on the road pretty much all of next year, if I can be” , she confidently predicts. An expectant nation awaits.

Visit the Lynne Jackaman website for full list of tour dates.

‘No Halo’ is available now from Itunes and Amazon. You can also follow Lynne on twitter @lynnejackaman and

Photo credits: Eric Duvet Photography. Visit Eric’s Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @EricDuvet