Skyns Over Europe

The Lynyrd Skynyrd juggernaut is winging its way to Europe next June for a string of farewell concerts in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, before arriving in the UK. It’s the end of the… Continue reading

Skynyrd’s Hometown Touchdown

  Be still my beating heart! A new Skynyrd concert movie is about to be released, it has been announced. Recorded in 2018, it will feature the band in all its glory performing… Continue reading


I try to be consistent every night , I go out there, you put that guitar in my hand. I don’t get high and I don’t get drunk. My high is from holding that guitar and playing. This is what I do.

Keys to the Highway

Learning those parts and really just digging deep into what Billy did with all of these songs really gave me a whole new appreciation, for not just Skynyrd music and Billy Powell, but for piano as an instrument.

Pride of the Clyde

The sound is crisp and the the whole band were on the top of their game, roaring like a new Ferrari rolling of the production line.

Love and Devotion

I’ll be fighting back the tears on June 26 when the band hit the stage for the last time in Glasgow.

Glasgow Loves Skynyrd

Skynyrd never forgot where it all started for them in Europe and have made Scotland an automatic stop when playing the UK

Fond Farewell

A poignant appraisal of the band’s final days on the road and a delightful aperitif ahead of Skynyrd’s UK tour in June.

Japan Flashback

The packaging and the vinyl is near mint with very few signs of wear and play.

Rossington tunes

I can think of 1,000,000 songs but not 10, so I’m just going to write the first ones that come to mind.

Skynyrd tour swag

It always struck me that Skynyrd’s record company, MCA, ploughed significant resources into promoting the band in Europe.