Rainbow Rising

When we decided to do a live album, the Rainbow was the first place we had in mind to do it, for sound. After it closed, then we went to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.

Singing A Soldier Song

I got to go to their rehearsal space, which was a total trip. They were there, practising, it was so much fun. They were in this large warehouse, the ceiling was covered with Lynyrd Skynyrd banners, They were hanging out.

Skynyrd in focus

That four year period, they were fucking incredible.

Skynyrd framed

Having seen them when we were all in our twenties, it’s hard to top that mix of passion, hunger and energy.

Setting The Record Straight

The plane crash is not a pleasant subject for me so to glorify it in any way is disgusting!

Survival instinct

I hope this movie provides closure for Artimus.

Shoals sister

It will stir your emotions and move your feet.

Skynyrd’s quarterback

Anything the Lynyrd Skynyrd brand is utilised in comes through me.

Rebel With A Cause

It was good times filled with close encounters with alligators, bulls and Rebel, the horse on the cover.

Ronnie Van Zant’s helpin’ hand

The crowd went crazy. All of a sudden Ronnie Van Zant came over to us and grabbed Charlie’s wheelchair and pulled him up onto the stage.


This delightful collection of Southern-tinged rock tunes is full of infectious grooves.