Stick Man

It used to blow my mind to be playing Lynyrd Skynyrd music and look up and see Carlos Santana. It did go through my mind that I was doing something that was very special.


Brit Boys

As one would expect, pairing Skynyrd with Keith Moon = fireworks. The booze flowed and Ronnie got loud, which resulted, so the story goes, in Roger Daltrey telling him off.

Second Helping

We have a goal to be the best band in the world and we will not be defeated.

Made in Japan

It is hard to describe the quality, sublime is the only word that springs to mind. Every word, every instrumental sound jumps from the speakers with stunning clarity.

Gun Control

Full page advert promoting the anti-gun single ‘Saturday Night Special’ taken from the band’s third studio LP, Nuthin’ Fancy.

Steel Men

Another working-class UK city that took the band to its heart.

Skynyrd canned

The band themselves are simply block-headed – a bunch of rather ugly, extremely average American musicians traversing the stage with the grace of those troubled by the manifestation of severe incontinence.

Gods of Apollo

My main memory is of JoJo taking me under her wing, and ensuring I got the chance to talk to everyone. The gigs, it goes without saying, were a couple of the best they ever did.

Rising Phoenix

To distance themselves from comparisons with Skynyrd, Gary and Allen hired a female lead vocalist, Dale Krantz.

Remembering Ed King

His distinctive guitar playing helped define the Skynyrd sound and Ronnie Van Zant held him in high esteem, of that there is no question.

Skynyrd superfan

Former Lynyrd Skynyrd road manager, Paul Abraham, published a book last year about his time working for the┬áband. I wrote a foreword for it. Here’s an article about my involvement in the book,… Continue reading