Skyns Over Europe

The Lynyrd Skynyrd juggernaut is winging its way to Europe next June for a string of farewell concerts in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, before arriving in the UK. It’s the end of the… Continue reading

Crowd Pleaser

It was amazing and completely exceeded our expectations. I didn’t expect the venues to be that great, the attendance to be that full and did not expect to be received as well as we were.

Skynyrd’s Smash and Grab

“If the theft actually happened, it had to be someone inside…..right with them, in my opinion.”, said Savannah police Detective Robert Scott.

In The Line Of Duty

It was the honour of my life to work for those guys. Everyone knows Skynyrd, everyone loves Skynyrd. They were great musicians. I just loved the music.

Winter Wonderland

Early December of England’s south coast. It’s cold. A chill wind blew off the sea near the aptly named Winter Gardens. It may have been freezing outside, but inside, the temperature rose as Ronnie Van Zant, bare-footed, walked onstage.

Washington Post

Faded now, this is the original ticket stub for a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at RFK Stadium, Washington dated Sunday, 30 May, 1976. $9.50 for the ticket. Also on the bill that day were… Continue reading

Christmas cracker

It’s the best thing I’ve read this year, I could not put it down! The highs, the lows, it’s all here. A right rollicking read. Buy It!

Brit Boys

As one would expect, pairing Skynyrd with Keith Moon = fireworks. The booze flowed and Ronnie got loud, which resulted, so the story goes, in Roger Daltrey telling him off.

Second Helping

We have a goal to be the best band in the world and we will not be defeated.

Made in Japan

It is hard to describe the quality, sublime is the only word that springs to mind. Every word, every instrumental sound jumps from the speakers with stunning clarity.